A variety of print media, videography, social media materials and web designs we have produced for our clients



We can write, design, and print all of your print materials. With appealing layouts and on-target messaging brings your materials to life to generate compelling connections to your audience.



Video is king. Without it, you aren’t reaching people as effectively as you could. We have decades of video production experience to drive emotional connections to your audience.
Integrated Digital


Digital tools are ever expanding. At New Media NW, we are constantly keeping up with them so you don’t have to. Our effective strategies integrates the best data, targeting, and platforms to reach your target audience right where they are online.


We design clean and functional websites so that you can put your best foot forward online. We will help monitor online activity with real time analytics to help you understand how you are doing online.


What our clients have to say

Working Hard

“ In my line of work, I have met most of the political consultants in the business. Many can help get candidates 49% of the vote, but only a few can achieve 51%. Chuck Adams is among those few. His methods are counter-intuitive, his style is creative, and his difference is called victory!”
Gordon Smith
U.S. Senator

Delivering Results

“A It has been a wonderful experience working with New Media NW. The quick response and quality of work is so important for a candidate during campaign season. It’s reassuring that New Media NW will triple check everything before it goes to print. True professionals!”
Teri Hickel
WA State Representative

Finishing Strong

“ In 2006 I was targeted by local and national interest groups. The campaign was brutal, expensive, and historic. Against all odds and a terrible national wave against Republicans, we won. I turned the campaign strategy over to Chuck Adams & the result speaks for itself.”
Karen Minnis
House Speaker

“I’d like to work it out so that in the end, it comes down to a pure guts race. If it is, I’m the only one who can win it.”

– Steve Prefontaine

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